Misunderstanding is not always fun, but the story was and it still is funny: Yellowjacket or Yellow Jacket??? 😂


When we first arrived to the United States in May 2008., we didn’t speak English at all. Misunderstanding was our every day life, and even though I hated that time of my life, the situations we found ourselves in were absolutely hysterical. However, this is the one of my favorite stories from that time.

It was early July 2008., and my husband and I were invited to the dinner/party at the friends house. When we arrived there were some unknown people, but we pretended like we speak and understand English language and we managed to smoothly go through the evening. We mostly stayed isolated, and we tried not to interact with anyone but our host. Around 8pm they called everyone to move to the porch for the dinner. After everyone joined the table, they served the dinner and we all jumped on our food. And everything was fine until this one guy started to yell: “Yellowjacket, Yellowjacket!!!” So the guy jumped from his seat and was beside himself running around the table and yelling: Yellowjacket!!! My husband and I look at each other, and we didn’t have a clue what just happened and why this guy needs a yellow jacket to eat his dinner?!?! It almost looked like the guy lost his mind. He was jumping on the porch like a mad man asking for a yellow jacket, or better to say yelling: Yellowjacket, Yellowjacket. After some time, my husband got tired of his yelling and he tried to calm the guy down. However, now knowing the difference between the Yallowjacket and the Yellow Jacket, this was the most hilarious dialogue I have ever heard.

My husband (all calm): “Hey buddy, let’s eat and I’ll get you a yellow jacket later. Just sit down, please!”

The guy (Yelling): “Dude, what do you mean you’ll get me a yellow jacket, there are Yellowjackets everywhere and I am allergic to their sting. If they bite me I may die.”

My husband (still calm and not fully understanding the English language): “Why do you ask for yellow jacket if you think you’ll die in it?”

The guy (still beside himself, almost crying and looks like he is about to have a heart attack): “What the f*** are you talking about, dude??? I am allergic to the Yellowjacket’s bites!! Don’t you understand??”

imageMy husband (still not fully understanding the issue): “Ok man, if you are allergic to that yellow jacket, you can just stay in that black jacket. Please sit down and eat.”

Now, the guy was livid (clearly hating both of us), but everyone else was laughing so hard, they were dying. To be honest I didn’t understand the English language either, and I wasn’t sure why the people were laughing and why the guy was so mad. I can only say that the guy looked like he could kill both of us at that exact moment, but I still wasn’t sure why… My husband just wanted to calm him down and eat our dinner in peace. 😂😂😂

Learning English language is hard! 


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