Pacific Northwest!


I moved here 2008, and that was love at first sight. I was so excited about my new home; I literally loved everything about this place.

I loved the streets here, nature, climate, mornings, evenings, everything. Needless to say, how much I love living by the ocean, as well as daily fresh sea food and the world famous public market. At the very beginning I was totally in my own world, enjoying exploring my new city and all of its offerings. To be honest, I didn’t speak English that good so I didn’t even bother to think about meeting and talking to people.

But as time goes by, and I learned English enough to be able to communicate with other people, I realize that everything is not so perfect here. Don’t take me wrong, I still love the city, but the people here are so weird. I just don’t like the way they act, and behave. Maybe I am wrong, but this is how I feel it. People are so fake here, it hurts. Sometimes you can just tell that they don’t really care how are you, even they ask you how are you today, and as soon as you open your mouth to say something they are already talking to someone else, or about something else. Many times I witnessed, or was a victim of such a fake behavior so I decided to study people.

Actually, I kind of started to observe many different groups of people. Needless to say, I was shocked. Passive-aggressive behavior is so common in this part of the country, I can’t even believe it. It’s just ridiculous how people act, of course not all of them, but I can surely tell about 90%.

I am a very direct person when I communicate so this type of behavior even more bothers me, and I can’t stop watching others and observing them. I have to admit, I kind of use to it, but I am still trying to figure out why is that? Why people behaving like that? What’s wrong with everyone? Life is too short to make it hard. The life would be so much easier for everyone if we could just be open and polite to each other. I hope one day it will be better!


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