Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


I love the smell and the sound of the sea, and the way sun reflects on its surface. I love being deep into the water. I love salt on my skin after being in its water. I love hot sand under my feet. Sitting on the dock absolutely recharge my batteries, and even more, gives me that nice peaceful face expression. I also love fish, and all other sea creatures. I LOVE SEA!!! Image


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  1. Beautiful scene. The water looks a lot warmer than the ocean near me. Thank you for stopping by and visiting my little corner of WordPress, and thanks for the “follow.”

    • You are welcome Jeff! I have traveled a lot, but the water in Hawaii is the most beautiful experience I have ever had! Your photos are great, and I am looking forward to see more 🙂

      • I would love to visit Hawaii some day.

        Stay tuned, one of the things that motivates me, besides showcasing the natural beauty around me, is topping my last photograph. No matter how happy I am with a photo, it doesn’t take long before I start thinking, “how I can do this better next time?”

        Hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

      • Thank you again. If you didn’t think you could do a bit better why bother, right?

        If I thought every photo I made of any given location was as good as I could do, I’d very likely soon give up photography. “Doing it better” is what keeps me revisiting certain locations over and over. Even when I come away with exactly the shot I was hoping for, it doesn’t take long for me to start thinking how I could have done it better.

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