Any Creative Title Ideas?


I got to US about 5 years ago, and didn’t know a word of English language. I literally didn’t understand when people call my name. I had a rough time, but on the other hand there were so many funny moments that I just want to share with the rest of the world. I am still learning English language, and trying to improve my writing skills, but am about to finish writing a book. My book is about my first experience in America, and I am sure it will be interesting to read for many people out there.

I am tending to speak sarcastically; however, I am making satirical statements, but yet the book will have a point of how rough moments can be funny too.

My opinion in general is that no matter how hard your life is at the moment, you have to find a bright, funny side of it, in order to survive.

My short stories are pretty much done, but my only concern is how to name the book… What is the killer title that can attract massive publicity?Image


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