Welcome to my world!



My name is Edita, and I would love to thank you all who visits my public diary. I have created this blog in order to keep all interesting things that happens to me on a daily basis. Sometimes those things can be funny, sometimes not so funny, or even sad, but all of them will be here on this wall.

Before I even start to write, I would love to say a few words about myself. And yes, I know there is a tab About, but I just want to write it here as a post 🙂

I am living completely simple life, but I am trying to enjoy every minute of it as much as I can. These days is very hard to maintain a happy life, but there are so many little things that can make you happy.

For exp. a good happy hour, a nice view (see the photo),Imagean interesting book or movie, an unexpected hearing of old favorite song, a kind salesperson at the grocery… these are all little things that makes me happy, and I am sure many of you out there.

My intention is not to give any tips on how to live a happy life, I will just share my own happenings and thoughts about it.



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